Is Shakespeare any less The Bard if I read it on my iPad 2 in the Kindle App?

Is Shakespeare any less The Bard if I read him on my iPad 2 in the Kindle app?

Is Game of Thrones any less TV if I watch it in my hotel room in Barcelona on my laptop via Slingbox?

Is The King’s Speech any less of a movie if I enjoy it with my friends using my Xbox LIVE Netflix account to stream it to the Big Screen in my living room?

Are the Doors any less of a Band or is their music somehow diminished because I created a Doors channel on Pandora, bought some cuts on iTunes and right now am listening to it on my Internet radio?

Bottom line…we continue to have the wrong arguments and discussion.

It’s time we let the technology wash over us; become transparent; fact of life.

It’s time we stopped obsessing over feeds, speeds and screens.

What is clear is that people still demand and expect great content.

What is clear is that they still enjoy reading, watching and listening to great, entertaining, educational, informational, emotional, mind-bending words, images and music.

Frankly – it is so last century to believe that revolutions are driven by technology. Here is the truth – they are driven by people – just ask the 99%’ers.

Sure they use technology – but what revolutionaries in history didn’t use the technology they could – see the Guillotine….

Bottom line – listen – see last week – and listen:

“Men have become the tools of their tools.”  Henry David Thoreau

And there you have it from two centuries ago…

Tools enable – it’s what pulled us from the primal goop and differentiated us from the rest of the organisms inhabiting our little planet.

People. People are what make the difference…let’s not lose sight of where the power really is and where the future lies.

What do you think?

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