Too soft to measure?

Impossible to quantify?


Last week I wrote about inspiration.

WHO DARES WINS was a summation of my thoughts and Yoda…wise Yoda channeled NIKE – who knew?

But as I stared at the pictures, which I have been doing a lot – believing myself humbled and inspired – I realized that I was missing the point – completely, in fact – completely and totally.


Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.

Thomas A. Edison

See the point?

No doubt I was being inspired – but I was being inspired to look, and admire. They were the true geniuses – they were the ones sweating, sacrificing, calling on their inner reserves to make a point – they were inspired to do, and by doing so, they fulfilled the WHO DARES manifesto.

Made me stop and rethink – inspiration can easily be an excuse for inaction and what a poor way to honor the true perspirers who really do move us.

So next time you feel truly inspired?

If you don’t sweat – at least a little – you are really just fooling yourself….

From a sweaty laptop….

What do you think?…

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