“If Only…”

“It seems like only yesterday….”
“How time flies….”
“If only….”

How many times have you said any or all of the above?
How often do we look back with regret?
How often do we say, “If only….”

My youngest daughter is getting married tomorrow (Sunday).
So forgive me a personal and emotional Ramble….

We have spent the day, today, with family and friends reminiscing, laughing, crying, sharing – building on a lifetime of experiences…knowing that the future will be the better for it…the better for having made the most of every moment…the better for having shared whatever was…the better for being in the moment – every moment.

How many fires have I run to put out that were not even worthy of a flame?
How many days have I traveled and how many personal events have I missed – all in a day’s work?
How many moments have I wasted, worried about issues and objects that today are long forgotten?

Many years ago my wife Debbie told me, that is your life – but – when you are with us (our two daughters) be with us 100% — no less – be in the moment – and don’t look back.

I am blessed. I think…I hope it worked.

And as we walk our youngest down the aisle tomorrow – preceded by our older daughter, her husband and our two grandchildren – I will be in the moment and savor every second….

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”
Muhammad Ali

That crisis will pass, that trip will be over, those issues will be laughed at – and you will wonder why you ever worried….

So make all the important days, hours, minutes, seconds count – and you will never look back with “If only….”

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