I decided to wait

I decided to wait.

Despite the enticement and seduction – I decided to wait.

So…although I had planned to review the IPad this week – and despite my having tried one (it is cool…), I’m waiting for round two before I plunge in – review to follow.

And I’m still waiting for a few of you to weigh in!!!

But the IPad did inspire me to recommit to the long-term view of relevance vs. the short-term churn-and-burn faddish coolness of the new and hip. As in the thousands of Apps that get downloaded, make someone’s graph up-tick and then languish in Software Hell as they are forgotten and discarded.

There is a rigidness in thinking that often gets mistaken for vision – sadly mistaken – that puts many people on the defensive – as in you want to be in on “it” – as in you don’t want to be seen as a luddite or old-fashioned – as in you don’t want it said of you – you are of the wrong generation.

I was reminded by a friend (you will see in a moment) of the great Pink Floyd number-one global hit song – immortalized by this lyric:

All in all it’s just another brick in the wall…

The band’s paean to the dangers of rigid and unyielding schooling – actually banned in South Africa at one point, as it became a rallying cry for the underprivileged.

We all somehow related to that notion (many of us anyway) in the pre-digital, no-twitter era of dinosaurs.

Seems to me the sentiment is hotter than ever, but here is the twist – today it is about digital, but it’s still about relevance. And here, courtesy of my friend, is the thought:

“All in all you’re just another click in the wall.” – Gary Laben

And there you have it.

Relevance. IPads…and trust me – every new idea you see for the next few months will be shown on iPads even though only a few hundred thousand are around in a sea of millions upon millions of PCs and Macs – much like most mobile Apps are shown on iPhones, even though most of the world is still “needy”…using smart phones and old-fashioned mobiles.

Relevance. Without it – even our best, most creative thinking is nothing more than just another click in the wall…

What’s your view?

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