How much are you worth?

How much are you worth?

I mean what is your real value?

Put another way…how do you assess your own financial appeal?

No – I’m not being nosey, crossing the personal line or looking for private information on your earnings, savings, investments, holdings or anything else related to your finances – although, by the way, others might be – no doubt are. Keep reading.

What I am really after is your view on how you would put a price on your own head – not like an outlaw – more like the rock star that you are – to someone – in fact to many someones.

Here is the thing – you are a valuable commodity; a Brand – if you will. Every bit as powerful as any Brand you can imagine – Microsoft; Google; Apple; Coke; Marlboro; McDonald’s – you name it – you are in their league.

And just like consumers will pay a premium to buy products and services from those Brands and others – they, in turn, will pay someone a premium to “buy” you – or rather buy access to you.

Ah – but here’s the rub – once we had trouble collecting data on folks – today we have trouble deciding which data to use; what data is really valuable – because as we travel through our normal everyday routine, we leave a super highway-sized roadway of data points behind us – well lit and with road signs pointing to our location, hinting at our destination and often, even, giving directions to meet us.

And we give it away. Think about it – Why shouldn’t Ralph Lauren wear your logo on his shirt if you wear his? See where I’m going?

Bottom line – if we give it away as easily as we do – what value does it really have? How will we be valued by the companies that collect it? Now, there are some companies that get it and treat their customers really well – Zappos for one – check this out:

They get the value of your info – and they treat you with the respect you deserve.

Seems to me that we run the risk of devaluing data – our own most of all – as collection and use of it becomes ubiquitous while Brands literally follow behind us with huge vacuum trucks sucking up the info that we drop so cavalierly.

My view? It’s time for a revolution – and I have turned to one of my favorite revolutionary sources for inspiration. Listen:

“What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value.”
Thomas Paine

And there you have it.

Here is my thought – we all need to value the data that is ours alone and the data we collect and the data that we use in a much more critical and significant way.

If we give our own DNA away too easily, we lose the right to expect its value to be recognized and appreciated – but if we are on the collecting end and don’t give people’s data the value it deserves, we will end up demeaning its value and ultimately commoditizing ourselves along with the data.

Premium Brands are driven by Premium Customers/Consumers/Users/Buyers – you get the picture – lose one, you lose the other…

Important read – without our value – he has none;  NYT: Zuckerberg on the hotseat.

What’s your view?

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