How many committees do you belong to?

How many committees do you belong to?  Task forces?  Working groups?

Now ask yourself – how much have you accomplished? Really accomplished? And by accomplished I mean changed some paradigm; introduced some new idea that has taken hold; solved a serious problem and put it to rest.

Honest now – be hard on yourself.

OK, I am being a little hard and maybe purposefully cynical – but as Ross Perot once said, “IF you see a snake – kill it – don’t appoint a committee on snakes.”

That being said – sometimes we have to organize around issues, coalesce around problems, come together on matters of concern, and sometimes committees are critical – and actually work.

But…not always…too often not always.

They become excuses for personal points of view, single agendas, power plays.

They waste time in platitudes and soft solutions, and the world quietly or not – just passes them by…more likely not by the way.

So while some equivocate, others are acting and we need to learn from the actions.

Let me stop you right here – I am not advocating cowboy behavior, non-team work, solo flying – on the contrary!

But here is a thought – in the Army a basic unit of 3 is the most effective…think on that.


If computers get too powerful, we can organize them into a committee – that will do them in. Bradley’s Bromide

A suitably and appropriately cynical way to express the thought.

What’s your view? And you can answer in committee if you like….

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