How Could Opportunities…

How could Opportunities be insurmountable?

Frankly I don’t believe problems and issues are ever insurmountable…but there you have it – if a word like insurmountable exists – it’s because people use it – so while I’d personally like to have it stricken from the human language experience…I don’t think…whoops…I just got caught in the insurmountable trap…see??

It’s an easy trap to fall into – in fact, although I haven’t done any serious statistical testing – I’d bet that it’s just as easy to infect a group with depressing; downbeat and pessimistic force – The Darkside for those Star Wars fans like myself – as it is to pump them up with positive energy and power – The Force….

You have all seen it – I’m sure. History is full of examples. The shift in perception; the dangerous skew towards harmful behavior; the sudden mood swing of the group – I think you get it.

On the other hand – I know you have seen the opposite. The ability of positive energy and up-beat evangelism to alter negative group think and to change outcomes by the sheer will power of an activist group focused on changing the world – or at least the small portion of the world they represent.

So why then are Opportunities often viewed as Insurmountable?


“We have been taught to believe that negative equals realistic and positive equals unrealistic.” Susan Jeffers

Now you know.

As long as we have our wires crossed and mix up the basic physics of getting things done; moving forward; changing the status quo…you get the point…we will be afraid of opportunities…

The solution is clear – align our language – Positive only means moving forward – Negative only means moving back….simple fix…simple solution.

So Opportunities are only to be celebrated and grabbed with the understanding that they are all occasions for success and greatness.

And the word Insurmountable needs to be relegated to the Darkside – we know it’s there – but we know we can fight it – beat it and not get seduced by its false allure.

So which is it?

The Force or The Darkside?

And May the Force be with You – just in case you weren’t sure where I stood…

And you?

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