Here is a Question

Here is a question – what do leaders do? DUH – you say?

Seriously. I’m not talking about big charismatic, follow-them-to-hell leaders. I’m talking about people who take leadership/overall accountability in a group and help drive success.

I recently participated in a workshop where this issue surfaced and was the subject of some discussion.

Assignments were given out and each group went off to solve for X. Being politically correct, most of the clusters ignored the issue of who should drive; probably didn’t look each other in the eye and just as probably swirled around the issues – finding it hard to come to resolution as no one was really in charge.

So here is the question. Do you need a leader? How does a leader add value? How do you choose one? Is it always the same leader? Are all leaders equal?

Let me get you started on your answers with this thought:

A committee can make a decision that is dumber than any of its members.
~David Coblitz

So maybe by virtue of being able to decide more quickly, a leader gets more chances at not being dumb…

What do you think?

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