Have You Tried Instagram?

Have you tried Instagram?

I was a fan from day one…everything about it was smart – it enhanced human need to share photos; platformed off the mobile phone camera – already accepted and used by consumers; was easy to use; had a simple name – all in all it was what I call a “white space “product – it filled in white/empty space around the user as opposed to being just another app of many…and their success is already legend. And well deserved.

However, this Ramble is not about their technology and what you can learn from it – it’s about learning from the founders and their understanding of how critical the human factor is to success; how critical face to face is to success; how networking to them is not about thousands of “friends” on Facebook but rather a strongly and well cultivated group of real people whom they could call on and did.

I was inspired by the following post and gratified that it amplifies so much of what I believe to be true.

Behind Instagram’s Success, Networking the Old Way (New York Times)

And here is the payoff – the lesson – the money shot if you will…listen:

“Make sure to spend some time after the talk getting to know the people around you.”
Kevin Systrom

Kevin is one of the founders – he got to KNOW the people around him – now look where he is.

Time to make sure we all know the people around us…really know them – you never know….

What do you think?


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