Have You Heard of Asian Fail?

Have you heard of Asian Fail?

It’s not a new flu, nor does it refer to cheap goods that don’t work…

Asian Fail is what students in the region refer to when they get less than an A in any subject.

B just doesn’t cut it and C is unthinkable.

Truth is that it’s not that long ago that it could have referred to goods made in China or elsewhere in Asia – but Japan first broke that negative stereotype – and now Korea has taken the mantle as Samsung has replaced Sony. And do stay tuned for China.

What got me writing though was really a follow-up on WhatsApp as I travel in Asia this week.

You see…WhatsApp is not without its competitors here – there is WeChatViberKakaoTalkand Line leading the pack, and others coming online daily.

As of yet they haven’t gained much traction in the West…but frankly despite a small push here and there, they really haven’t tried yet…certainly not in full force.

And therein lies my point – we have yet to see a full push on digital apps from Asia – while we have seen – in fact, experience it daily in relationship to devices and such – smartphones, TVs, fridges, washing machines, to name a few – not to mention automatic rice cookers – who would have thought…

So my bet is that when Asian companies decide to go full out on APPs, a new game will begin – and maybe, just maybe, someone will wonder if $19 billion was well spent…

And if you don’t feel it…listen:

“Never complain or make excuses. If something seems unfair, just prove yourself by working twice as hard and being twice as good.” Amy ChuaThe Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

And there you have it – while our digibabble experts wax eloquent on WhatsApp and trash Facebook while gushing over IM as if it’s a new technology…Asia is doing what it does best – working hard.

My bet – just wait…and take the long view – another great Asian trait…

What do you think?

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