Have you been watching?

Have you been watching? The Olympics I mean (not your neighbor…!) I love the drama; the stories; the unexpected winners; the gracious losers; the hype; the tears…in short I’m a sucker. Yet, I think many of the pundits missed what the last two weeks have been all about. There was a lot of talk about digital: TV is dead – this is the digital Olympics – it’s all about the digital revolution – DUH! Digital is here. The device you see/watch/listen to is your choice – (CRM…Customer Really Manages…) but what does the device have to do with what people see/watch/listen to? (Ok, you’re not going to watch “Gone with the Wind” on your phone…)

But, think about it, it’s less about how people watch, it’s more about what people watch. It’s all about content!!!

Content – the nexus of what makes the media world go around; content – the center of the channel universe; content – the reason anyone cares; gets emotionally connected; tunes/dials/listens in…

The Olympics are about content in more than one way: if it were only about the winners, the actual content of the race/match/contest itself, we would lose interest quickly. What we do want to watch is the world in microcosm. The drama of years in training…sometimes in high tech environments – sometimes in hotel pools that aren’t even a full Olympic lap long. It’s about an athlete whose parents and friends are in the stands watching and the athlete who tragically lost a parent a week before the event. It’s about a runner who shares a bottle of water with a rival as they battle the final mile of the marathon and a swimmer who leaves the arena and refuses to swim in the pool with an athlete representing a country they don’t like. It’s about winners loosing and losers winning and the triumph of the human spirit against all odds. If the Olympics provide great content, what can we learn from it?

I once heard a world-famous author speak about what makes for great writing – his point was that anyone can research anything and anyone can put words down– but the best comes from personal experience; from emotional connection; from knowing and understanding the subject, not simply from sources and reading.

Same for all of us – when we go for what we know; what we really understand; what we really believe in – it changes the game – makes for serious credible content; human connection beyond the ordinary. Anything less is amateur.

And hence the quote:
Dig where the gold is…unless you just need some exercise.
~John M. Capozzi

Exercise is good…it helps – but practice only gets you so far…Michael Phelps aimed for the gusto…go for the GOLD.

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