Grey Hair

Gravitas. Grey hair. How many time have you heard these terms used in describing what we needed to provide in order to create a serious client engagement. And how many times have these ever proved to be the most important definers of success? Look at whom we venerate in business these days, not a lot of senior citizens, if you get my drift…

Not that I mind grey hair mind you…

Here’s that word again. Sometimes we take ourselves too gravely and sometimes our clients take themselves too acutely and the combination can be deadly.

We all know that a little laughter breaks down the biggest barriers and lightness of spirit does not mean lightness of thinking—not by any means.

Look at whom we venerate and the companies that consistently make it to the best places to work lists. For the most part, they have a spirit of fun in common.

So here is a thought from one of my favorite and fun and deep sources :

Seriousness is the only refuge of the shallow.
– Oscar Wilde

I believe it takes confidence, assurance and faith from your peers and clients to create fun, laughter and an atmosphere of easy congeniality. You also have to deliver the goods, but then again, we always have to deliver.

Don’t be mistaken. This is not about being the class clown. People who can laugh at themselves tend to be more humble and modest (at least in my experience).

So don’t go out and buy any big red noses or over-sized shoes…well maybe the nose…seriously!

And don’t hide behind gravitas and the walls it creates.

What do you think?

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