Go It Alone

Go it alone. You against the world. The primal/alpha ultimate challenge: the individual on their own – surviving, winning, emerging from the wilderness (read the book/see the movie), stronger and better and tougher – ahead of the competition – able to face anything – leap tall buildings at a single bound…you get the picture.

What’s wrong with this picture?

In the first place, watch the movie/read the book – see what you think in light of The Ramble.

In the second place, there is no need for it. No need to sail solo. No need to feel or make yourself isolated. In fact, I’d argue – and strongly – that thinking that way is a limiter to achievement, a determent to accomplishment and a damper to success.

And I’d add that taking the lonely-person-against-everyone-else view increases excuses and finger-pointing when goals are not attained and defeat trumps triumph.

This is not a paean to teamwork. This is much more elemental. It is about understanding, leveraging, maximizing and appreciating our position in the network that we are all a part of – no, not Wunderman (although that too…) –

I am referring to the Family of Humankind – our own – your friends, colleagues, enemies (hopefully none), acquaintances, neighbors – you get the point.

You see, we are not alone – we don’t have to be alone and the beauty is that two can accomplish more than one and it gets exponential from there.

How many times have you felt that you couldn’t complete a task; that the mission was overwhelming – Listen:

Nothing is impossible for the man who doesn’t have to do it himself.

  1. A. H. Weiler

Now let’s be clear – I am no Pollyanna – I get it – it’s happened to me – it does happen to me – as I am sure it does to you – you get let down – you find that despite all the talk and such you are on your own and you are pissed and angry and want to kill…and you muddle through…somehow…maybe tougher, but….

But there you have it – rather than sour me and turn me into a loner – those moments only strengthen the point and increase my resolve to reach out, to be with folks who get it and share it and with whom I can make the impossible happen.

Are you with me?

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