Give Me One Of Those….
You know:
Make me a viral…
We need a Facebook…
Get us on YouTube…
Do something social…
Give Me One Of Those!!!

Box ticking, check listing – making sure you have covered all of the bases in the digital revolution has become a knee-jerk exercise in executional banality…in fact, so much so that the default reporting and analysis of all the powerful channels and methods available to us as marketers has become reduced to what I wrote about last weekassumptions and pronouncements based on nothing more than GMOOT thinking – and as unfounded in the end as that famous Bill Gates quote, “640k ought  to be enough for anybody.”

So yes, I “can make you a viral” (a new Harry Potter spell?) and convince you that the numbers of views are amazing – and that this is the new marketing and really all that you need – until you start to look at your sales figures and wonder where the people went.  I can create a Facebook presence for you – drive some fans – more or less, depending on your “real world” off-line status – but if you haven’t thought out the value exchange between them and you – and understood the link between those folks and action, then you have created nothing more than just another siloed digital destination.

Getting you on YouTube is easy – no real criteria – amazing that many people still think that somehow you get chosen to that first post – to be fair some do, but that’s another story.  Again, the real question is so what? Am I just sharing? Do I want someone to do something? Am I happy that they like my video…even if they don’t really link it back to me with some outcome?

And finally, we are social animals – Norman Rockwell got this right in his famous painting The Gossip in 1948 – way before we made sharing and connecting easier and more fun, and potentially more powerful, and truthfully more boring (our parents dreaded seeing their friends’ travel slides…).  Word of mouth and personal recommendations were pervasive if not well-understood (by all) channels for marketing.

So where does that leave us?

As I see it – unless you are Harry Potter and have the right charm – you can’t just conjure up success in the digital world – although so much of it still looks like magic – and when you get down to really understanding it all – the forces at play here are wonderfully and amazingly complex in ways that are tailor made for extraordinary thinking and creativity.

As for GMOOT thinking – the assumption that all it takes is a checklist is a surefire way to fail.

At the end of the day we are in an ever-changing landscape of possibilities – in fact, I’d argue that the revolution has hardly begun – and even though it has, it will change and morph and evolve as all revolutions do….


Revolution is not a onetime event.Audre Lorde

And there you have it.

GMOOT? One time box ticking?

Or more…?

Norman Rockwell understood it some 60 years ago…do we?

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