Experience the experiential….

Yada yada…..

Seems that before the “digital revolution” we never had “Brand” experiences, “Personal” experiences; “Experiential” moments…yada yada.

Here is yet another concept that we have turned into a meaningless phrase; that we have made hackneyed, trite and turned into Mad Men ad talk, and in general, misunderstood – yet continue to use with fanfare and pageantry.

Those of us old enough to remember Rice Krispies leaned in and quietly listened every morning to the “snap, crackle and pop.”

Coca-Cola was all about that cold sweating can pressed against your forehead.

Lay’s Potato Chips were about the impossibility of eating just one.

Jello was about fun and jiggling.

And on and on.

Did I forget Disneyland?

And what about the Sears catalogue from the late 1800s in the United States (BING this) – what was more experiential than a family sitting in a small sod house covered by snow, with the wind howling across the prairie outside and reading to each other about the goods they hoped to get in the spring?

Experience isn’t new – it’s as old as the Garden of Eden – In fact, I think we are missing the boat by thinking that somehow because it’s online – digital – in some form or another – all of our potential experiences from dating to buying are that much deeper and better.

Nothing could be further from the truth…close your eyes and think about the best experience you ever had – and then apply it to what often passes for experience today – you with me?

The nature of interactivity is based on experience – it is experience – if you have a bad relationship with someone…if your interactions aren’t good, you break apart.

If you go into a store and the help sucks or the selection is poor – you don’t go back.

If you pour a bowl of Rice Krispies and they don’t go snap, crackle and pop – you buy Corn Flakes….

See where I’m going?

It’s time to join the experience revolution – or maybe even more correctly – begin it – start the ball rolling – demand change and drive it….


“If you want to know the taste of a pear, you must change the pear by eating it yourself. If you want to know the theory and methods of revolution, you must take part in revolution. All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience.”
Zedong, Mao

I was blown away by this – three critical points:

  1. Experience doesn’t just change you – it changes the object, the thing you are trying to experience – think about dynamic content, about optimization of offers and such – to create a real experience you must allow the “thing” to be changed as a part of the experience.
  2. No sidelining here. No armchair experts. Put yourself out there. Experiment, try, think, ideate – make stuff happen – but no passive watching and commenting.
  3. All digital is direct – all knowledge comes from direct experience – WOW….

We live in a world where the opportunity to really create revolution is staggering – Viva La Revolucion – don’t shortchange yourself or yourselves.

What do you think?

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