“Let’s not recreate the wheel!” How many times have you heard that mantra, or wished you had said it, or worse didn’t say it and watched costs and time and trouble skyrocket. In fact, I think there is a direct correlation between client satisfaction and application of best practice or put another way, historical learning – the opposite of which is hysterical learning, which is running around like headless chickens looking for quick answers when the proverbial “%@+$” hits the fan…

So how about this…Maybe it is supreme arrogance to even think that we can create ex-nihilo – from nothing – completely new – never been seen before.

Maybe a little humility goes longer than we think and when well applied boosts us in ways we don’t really expect.

Maybe a little humility saves us from dead ends, blind alleys and helps us to find better and more grounded solutions.

Truth is this thought was inspired by the following that floated past me this week:

“If you want to make apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”
Carl Sagan

Think about that!!! Do we ever really create from scratch! Can we? Should we?

Maybe we should be thinking about really fresh and new ways of looking at the world…

What do you think?

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