Every Dog Hath his Day

Every dog hath his day…since I started with the August Dog Days notion last week – I thought it only fair to continue with the theme and Shakespeare helped me along – although for you literary types…a slight digression – I have used a quote that pre-dates Will’s use. However Hamlet did inspire me to think about the notion and the idea that eventually we all have a shot; an opportunity – to get what we want, dream or otherwise strive for.

This led me to the notion that sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to individuals. Whether in business or otherwise we are guilty of looking to the mass; the group; the collective and not to the person – the people who in simple one by one fashion can be aggregated – but alone often represent different views.

A recent study of political parties in the United States showed a wide diversity of ideas at the individual level – despite a strong cohesion at the group level. Seems to me the lesson can be applied to any group and maybe can help to explain why response to advertising and other messages remains relatively low – too much group not enough person insight.

All of which, of course, led me to a cool quote:

There are too many people, and too few human beings.
~Robert Zend

And there you have it – dogs get their day…even on hot and sticky afternoons and we need to pay more attention to people…

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