Entitlement. What do you think about the notion? Are we entitled to anything? No doubt you will agree with me that nothing is a given and yet…

It seems to me that there are some instances where we expect certain outcomes. You know, follow the rules and all will be well. Work hard and it all works out, and so on…

Is that true?

How about this one? We all know the famous expression “the early bird gets the worm.” How many times in your life have you dragged your butt out of bed, gotten a jump on the competition, made it to the finish line well before everyone (fairly sure of success) and were left holding nothing…nada…zero.

And I bet you were angry – me too.

Then I read the following:

“God gives every bird his worm, but he does not throw into the nest”
P.D. James

It struck me that even when we are sure we have done it all, every once in a while that little bit of entitlement feeling creeps in and we don’t really go the distance…no matter what we think.

So the early bird, maybe every bird gets a shot at the worm, but if all you do is take it, you have fallen into the entitlement trap.

What’s your view?

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