Do you ever wonder how you got somewhere?

Do you ever wonder how you got somewhere?

I don’t mean physically – although at my age….

I mean in life, in work – whatever….

You know the scenario – you plan, you push, you strategize, you create and you build – you see it all in your mind’s eye….  You start the journey.

And then – you get there and it’s just not what you thought – you feel like you are in another universe.

You are not where you planned to be – like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz – you open the door and it’s all different….

What do you do?

What usually happens?

Do the fingers start pointing? Is it hard to find anyone who is accountable? Do you end up holding the bag?

Are clients yelling or are your colleagues backing away, throwing their hands up, or are your significant others getting riled up…?

What do you do?

You can run…you can change universes.  You can pretend that you have nothing to do with the situation.  You can close your eyes and wish yourself away (oh, those ruby slippers…).

Or you can make it your own time and place.  Listen:

Remember, no matter where you go, there you are.Earl Mac Rauch

I love the simplicity….  And there you have it.

Accountability is about time and place – it’s our real estate to own…or not….

And owning real estate gives you a stake in the ground and a place to return to and room to defend….

What do you think?

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