Do It Big or Stay in Bed




Last week I wrote about my 60th Birthday – or as you can tell from the sentiment above – expressed to me by friends and family my Birth week!!

Truth told – it was a great week plus (to be honest…) in fact the best ever.

I celebrated with friends and colleagues from all over the world; had more surprises that I have ever had for a Birthday – in fact I have rarely been surprised at a party before; received wishes and good will from across the globe; scored amazing gifts…some in gift wrap and some in prose; blew out more candles than I can count; drank more toasts than I thought possible; shared amazing moments….

Bottom line – had the best Birthday celebration I could imagine.

So here I am a week later – facing the end of summer in North America; a month long series of religious holidays; and an open Word Document expecting my weekly Ramble…

And like you I am facing a world of uncertainty where the death of hundreds gets less search interest than the latest crazy hairdo of some out of control celebrity while our data is constantly scanned and analyzed to save us from the next psychotic nut shop and also (to be fair) to up sell/cross sell or just plain sell – us something…

So as I contemplated my 60 years – I tried to extract an essential belief I could share — non-sectarian of course!!!


“The middle of the road is where the white line is and that’s the worst place to drive.”  Robert Frost

And there you have it – took me doing 30 twice to get at it – but it fits with my overall philosophy of “Do It Big or Stay in Bed”……

Take a stand – the beauty is you can cross that line at any time – but get to one side or another and see how it feels…morally; ethically; humanly….if it doesn’t fit; feel right; taste good – pull the wheel hard over and switch lanes but if you drive down the white line – you miss all the exits and turns and risk the worst kind of accident.

One last time!!! Happy Birthday to me….

What do you think?


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