DNA Test

“There is only one answer!!” ==== “God, it’s so simple….” ==== “Logically nothing else fits” == “it’s so clear, it’s always been the answer”.

Have I quoted, or even nearly quoted, you? On any, part or all of the above?
Guilty here!!! I have said; nearly said; partially said—you get the point….all of the above at one time or another.

Now let’s be fair—or at least easy on me and the other perpetrators—sometimes it might just be true. There are occasions when the answer is a glaring neon sign, flashing in Rainbow come hither colors like a beacon of hope and salvation in the dark. An answer rooted in the DNA of man and clear as a bell.

Yet there are also situations where that neon bonfire is a seductive siren luring us towards the rocks and shipwreck—an answer that has been wrong for millenniums.

And, there are those circumstances where the answer might be that simple and clear but by stifling someone else’s thinking and creativity the truly “nothing else fits” answer might never be heard—an answer that might set up another paradigm to be questioned and examined over time as well.

And here from one of the great cynics of all time comes a thought:

There is always a well-known solution to every human problem—neat, plausible and wrong

H.L. Menken

There you have it. DNA might be an unfailing proof point of origin and pedigree but testing for it is as fallible, unsound and imperfect as we are.

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