David Decoded

Digibabble: The use or connotation of the word digital or any of its conceptually associated derivatives, such as mobile (mobilebabble) or social (socialbabble), as a modifier to anything giving the illusion of new; never before seen; radically different or worse, implying luddite status as in… “you are too traditional” or “you don’t understand.”

GMOOT (Give Me One of Those): Represents the desire to be considered digital. Often manifests in a request to create and push for “a viral” rather than focus on the idea that will drive it. Also see creativity + innovation.

Digital Exponential: The seamless path between the online and offline worlds, taking what we’ve learned from the digital world and applying it back to the physical world.

Creativity + Innovation + Technology: Simply Put: Creativity tells the story. Innovation drives it. Technology removes the friction.

Generation World: Today’s generation of consumers do not define themselves by age or demographic and share more in common with people around the world than their own next-door neighbor. Generation world is comfortable with the complexity, and has in fact embraced it with the badge of honor. These people will influence the way we think, shop and behave in the future.

Entrepreneurship: Resourcefulness and creativity to find better and more efficient solutions. Applies to every role.

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