Curiousity and the Cat

CQ + PQ > IQ

Curious? Keep reading… What is curiosity—really?

Pandora was curious, at least according to some tellers of the tale, and we are left with the image of the opening of Pandora’s Bo — curiosity unleashing evils on the world. AH, but also hope…and where would we be without hope!

Curiosity killed the cat. We all know the proverb and it seems that William Shakespeare actually might have uttered an early version of this notion as an actor in The Lord Chamberlains Men troupe. But do you know the later addition? “Satisfaction brought it back.” And I would posit that it was the satisfaction of discovery; of the new and different and the unusual.

Curiouser and Curiouser…know the line? Alice commenting on her descent into Wonderland where the everyday mundane and the fantastic meld and become plausible. A lesson? Read this:

a piece by Joyce Carol Oates who says…”To descend down a rabbit hole, to push through a mirror in a drawing room, to enter that “other world” of the imagination. This is Alice’s destiny, as it might be said to be our collective destiny, if only we value it and cultivate it.”

Curious…if only we value and cultivate it. Think on that…

So what does it all mean? Try this one:

The meek shall inherit the earth? Well… I don’t think so. If by meek you mean friendly and introverted, okay maybe, but if by meek you mean unwilling to take a chance, then never. If I was a betting man and I had to wager on who I thought would inherit the earth, my money would be on the curious.
~Jim Coudal

Where are you going to put your money? Where do you think our clients will put theirs?????

CQ + PQ > IQ


Thought I forgot?

This is Thomas Friedman’s formula to measure learning and acquisition of knowledge.

“Friedman’s proposed formula is Curiosity quotient plus Passion quotient is greater than Intelligent Quotient.

According to Friedman, curiosity and passion are key components for education in a world where information is readily available to everyone and where global markets reward those who have learned how to learn and are self-motivated to learn.

Friedman states, “Give me the kid with a passion to learn and a curiosity to discover and I will take him or her over the less passionate kid with a huge IQ every day of the week.” IQ “still matters, but CQ and PQ … matter even more.”

And there you have it == Passion and Curiosity. “

Personally I’d argue that true curiosity is a byproduct of passion, but I won’t quibble…bring them together and the result is explosive…..

Inherit the earth…

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