Change. A worn out subject for sure. An obvious choice of topic when all else fails. Often a paean to meaningless platitudes. A sop to troubled times…when all else fails. WHOOPS….

I am going to break a rule that I set for this ramble many years ago — that is to avoid geo centricity – in other words, not to take a view based on my North American background or biased by events in the US. However I am going to bend that rule slightly.

Tuesday is Election Day in the USA. And, based on my reading and talking with friends, the world over, there are many, in many places, waiting eagerly for the outcome of the current Presidential race.

No, I am not endorsing a candidate or even hinting at my own views – I will over a beer though….what I want to do is to talk about change…

Change? Could there be anything more boring, or basic, or banal about change in relationship to a political battle?

And, yet – in the US race we have two candidates and their running mates talking about change; the need for change; the price of change; the look of change – you get the picture.

So how do you judge? How do you know who is the “change agent” (cliché); who is the real radical transformer of the status quo; the true revolutionary of replacement?

More – how do we judge ourselves as amenders of what is; embracers of what will be; converts to the new – yet respectful of what was.
I haven’t a clue.

But I do have a fear. And that fear has driven my choice of candidate and drives my thinking on a daily basis:

We live in a moment of history where change is so speeded up that we begin to see the present only when it is already disappearing.
~R. D. Laing

I do not want to wake up Wednesday morning – or any morning for that matter to discover that what I had passively wished for is already gone – because that implies that I have had little or no impact on what is coming.

Don’t let change just happen – the historical precedent is what is truly frightening.

What’s your view?

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