How do we judge evolution

How do we judge evolution? Or can we? Is it possible to look at threads of change and make qualitative comments on its direction that could potentially alter the next round of variation? In essence, can we modify and alter transformation?

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Are you a customer? As a customer, is your experience of life any different than anyone else’s? OK, granted – we are all different and unique…but not that different. As humans, we share some amount of common expectations and some amount of common hope.

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Seduction of data. The false sense of empowerment that exists because we think we know – or can know – everything about everyone.

Think about it. How many articles have you read, presentations have you seen, or speeches have you heard, that purport to be the ultimate source/analytical answer/magic black box that will capture, understand, predict, motivate, push, sell, capture…the consumer/buyer…you get the circle…

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Privacy. One of the hot topics and burning issues of our time. Bloggers blog on it; conferences conference on it; reporters report on it; governments want to govern on it and…you get the picture.

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More on Insight

More on Insight. Our senses are not uni-dimensional.

Posit this: the 4th dimension is the world of our senses. The place where sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch combine in neural ways. That is what separates experience from computer simulation – no matter how good.

Think on it.

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Insight. The ability to see clearly and intuitively into the nature of a complex person, situation, or subject.

Insight is the greatest competitive edge in our business—in any business. Still.

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The Future

DVD. Beta. 8 Track. Cassette tapes. LP’s. 45s. Phonograph Records. Relics of time passed…

Stella’s. Papyrus rolls. Parchment scrolls. Illuminated manuscripts. Relics of an even more ancient time.

Books. Wait a minute…books?

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We know everything about you

“We know everything about you…!”

Sounds like one of those old B movies about some totalitarian country or another, where the bad guy leans over the hero or the heroine (it’s always a bad guy…) and threatens him or her with implied mounds of information. This also always begs the question why torture, but read on the answer might be near…

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TV Dinners

TV. Television. Do you watch it? Or are you embarrassed to say you do? Instead, do you talk about streaming, PVR and DVR, time shifting, downloading and only then get to the rehashing of the latest “Idol”— in whatever country/language/format you happen to watch it.

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The game is afoot

Sherlock Holmes. One of my favorites. To this day I will, randomly approach the “Canon”, pick up one of his stories or go pot luck and turn to a page in one of his novels and just read on from wherever I land.

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Road Trip

More. Especially if you have been watching the stars…not just looking at the telescope. And if you wonder what I am referring to – read last week’s posting…

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Vacuum Tubes

As I plugged in my computer on the plane last night—I did some work, while listening to music from my hard drive. And lest you think I’m pandering (or looking for the sympathy vote or worse, “the look how hard I work spiel”), I actually spent more time watching 300 (a movie worth seeing) with my noise-buster headphones in full screen, up close and personal, than I did in PowerPoint or Word…

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Albert Speaks Again

YouTube is being sued by a photojournalist who might just bring them down; Napster is so old news that “new generations” of users don’t even know who they were; Skype is struggling – but VoIP is taking off. On the other hand, The Sopranos caused a global stir, and it’s one month and a few weeks till the last Harry Potter.

What do any of these have in common?

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Not everything in life is “either/or.” In fact, either/or; black and white; right and wrong belongs, if anywhere, in the realm of morality and ethics where I personally believe there are absolutes. Do you agree? Or disagree?

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Sometimes I Just Want

Insight. What is it really? How does it work? Is it valuable—or do we live in a world so techanized and data driven that nothing but algorithms and digital code has any value.

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