Do we push enough? Ourselves? Our Significant others? Our friends? Our peers? Our clients?

I don’t mean physically…and I don’t mean arrogantly…and I certainly don’t mean gratuitously……

What I mean is this. Do we push enough for excellence, for doing our best; for going all out, for running the distance? You get the point.

I’m afraid that all too often I hear—“It’s good”… “The client liked it”… “We didn’t need to do more.” I’m sure you have heard the same and similar.

Here’s my confession. I am as guilty as the rest. Sometimes it just seems to be the right thing to do, that is, to let it go. Sometimes it seems to be the path of least resistance. The truth is that it never, ever serves us well.

Only our best should be good enough and even then there is room for more. Even if others are ready to accept less, don’t get caught in the trap of thinking that you have done really well. I have seen it time after time. The surprise when a client tells us that we just haven’t been doing the best. “But you liked it,” we protest! Need I say more?….

And so it goes: business, personal, there is no difference. The results are the same, as the saying goes:

“The best is the enemy of the good. “

We need to fight the only good… to defeat the comfort of the merely good… to shake up our complacency around the simply good.
Align yourself with the best……and fight the good fight…..

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