Bad Behavior

Bad behavior.

Poor manners.

Lack of accountability.

Absence of answerability.

You know what I mean….

You are in a relationship and you eat your heart out with angst and anguish and even fear because you feel alone, beset upon, used and unappreciated.

You know what I mean….

So sometimes Task and Purpose isn’t enough…just doesn’t cut it.

Sometimes we have to take a stand – and understand – in fact, believe, that rather than worry about the consequences of confrontation we need to embrace them –

We must make it clear that being less than civil, open, honest and accountable is not acceptable and we must give no less ourselves.

Business, family, friends – makes no difference – give and demand the same.


Put up with it and you will get more of it.” Lynne Deal

Lead by example – insist on no less….


Your thoughts?

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