At the end of the day…

To all my dear readers…

Forgive me for eschewing my usual soapbox on Digibbable, Business Ethics and Management Motivation. But the season always talks to me….

And, I am always conscious of this season and the varied customs and practices of all of you. Yet, when it comes to wishing others Goodwill, even Political Correctness (PC) can take a break. Wishing for Peace is admirable but somehow seems such a high-ticket item – Goodwill is an easy start – and who knows where it may lead…although I’d bet that if we could practice it – Peace would be the outcome.

To that end – I share with you one of my favorite songs – old but good – and a video that is equally as old but poignant nevertheless.

If it talks to you, share it – and ask others to do the same. It’s a bit dusty – but the message still reverberates.

Thank you for reading and inspiring me with your comments and notes….

Enjoy and spread Goodwill.

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