How do you get out of sight of the box? How do you break the curse of the “Living Dead” and venture beyond that which makes us comfortable? Sunlight and stakes in the heart work in the movies but I’m not sure that our HR folks would allow that remedy…..
Now let me add another wrinkle: good sense and good business dictate that getting out of the box and running around the bend doesn’t mean you leave the box behind. The contrary is true. No doubt there were good experiences in and around the box—and you want to keep, cherish and build on them. No doubt there were mistakes made there and you want to learn from them and not repeat them. No doubt you had dreams, wishes and ideas there and you should bring them along too.

So, how do we get ourselves to a place where we can build on what we know, learn from what we tried and still be fresh and new?

Try this thought:

You think that because you understand ONE you understand TWO, because one and one makes two. But you must understand AND.
Sufi Proverb

I was really excited when I read this. Understand AND you change the way you look at the equation. Understand AND you open up new paths and opportunities. Limit yourself to one and two and you will always get the same answer.

Here is to AND!

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