Or perhaps qualification.

Maybe elaboration.

But most importantly…


The 80/20 rule applies to meetings; it applies to some deliverables and products (think Flip).


Make no mistake on this one.

Let me explain – cause I am hot on this subject.

Last week I watched a triathlon. The New York City Triathlon, to be exact.

1 mile or so swim in open water – in this case the Hudson River.

25 miles on a bicycle.



And 6.2 plus mile run…

And it was hot in NY.

Lots of reason to fall out; not to complete – to 80/20 – Hey – look how good I did – went most of the way…good enough…hey it’s hot…you couldn’t do this much anyway….



But here is the thing – I was inspired – beyond – not just by the usual overachieving participants racing against their best times, or the folks who simply challenged themselves, or even the professionals whose complete times are sick…


I was inspired by the physically challenged – those born so; the results of tragic accidents; the victims of terror and war. I who take my two eyes, two arms and two legs for granted – watched those without – compete and complete – 80/20? More like 300% plus.




Blind athletes running in tandem with their guides. Men and women on prosthetic legs – some on one – others on two. The paralyzed in special vehicles propelled by their arms. None self-conscious, looking for sympathy or a break – all going for broke – start to finish – Just Doing It….

And the dedication of their friends and teams was beyond. I saw one athlete being carried from the water on his friend’s back and strapped into his special bike – 300% — I err – there is no way to measure this.



Makes one humble – very humble…and keeps 80/20 where it belongs – in perspective.

This is not about winning or losing – this is about doing or not doing and there is no choice.


    “Do or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda    


I repeat myself with the Jedi Master – but truthfully I could find no better expression of the point.

You get no points for leaving 20 percent on the table…when you can have it – with effort.

Be an inspirer of doing – not trying. Win or lose, you’ve won if you’re in all the way.

What do you say?

Who dares, wins.

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