A Thought for an August Morning

A thought for an August morning.

What’s next?
I mean – what’s really next – different; revolutionary – something we never thought about.

I find that as time goes on what seemed a revolution really only works if you apply best practices and learning from what preceded it – raising the question – revolution or evolution?

Look at retail – do we shop more because we can do so digitally or have we merely created a one to one – at best – migration from brick and mortar to on-line? And by the way, guess where the average basket price is higher….

All in all, we need to be constantly learning; applying what we know; trend watching; open and inquisitive; curious and yes a little bit cynical and world wise.

Love the following quote:

The days of the digital watch are numbered.
Tom Stoppard

If you don’t get this – do some research – worth the time and learning.

When I was a teen – digital watches were expensive; cool and very aspirational. The Swiss began to worry about the demise of their business – an industry that they worked hard to perfect and own.

So where are we today? Pick up any high end magazine; go to any watch web site; walk by any watch store and tell me: what kind of watches do you see?
And which are the most aspirational – the high tech digital or the low tech mechanical ones…?

The days are numbered……

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