50 is the new 30

50 is the new 30. Multi-color is the new monochromatic. Rubenesque is the new thin. And Mick Jagger is well, still Mick Jagger – yet so it goes…. What was old is new and what is new is first being discovered…or is it???

Amazon is a retailer – that Amazon is on the web is no different than being anywhere else. By that I mean Amazon has to sell and it has to use its unique location and all of its pluses and minuses to its best ability – just as it would if it were in a mall or in a street front store in any country in the world.

E-Bay is a flea market – much like the Agora in ancient Athens – and embodies in its core equity all of the attributes and characteristics of flea markets and trade fairs over the ages.

Interestingly – finally – the analyst/market makers are beginning to realize that technology is an efficiency engine; a set of tools to enhance the marketing experience; a method to create a new channel for distribution. However, unless we apply human insight and demand the application of best marketing practices – neither Amazon or E-Bay or any of the other Web-based businesses will reach their full potential.

We need to know more about what was: best practices; lessons learned; mistakes made; and success realized. We can’t be embarrassed because someone thinks it’s old fashioned to be Wunderman. If you ever read Lester (hopefully you have) and if you have ever seen him mesmerize a Microsoft audience, you would be proud……..

And of course it has been said…;

“There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don’t know”
Ambrose Bierce

Study the Sears Wishbook (search it out) of the late 1800s in the USA to understand Amazon. Read up on the Agora (you know where) to get a true handle on E-Bay. More important, see what parallels you can draw between what was and what is: Blogs; I-Pods; YouTube… what can you learn? What can you tell a client that is fresh and powerful?

What will your 50 is the new 30 be? What old things will you teach us all?

Let’s hear……

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